• Pilot Launch of ATOL Online – January 2018

    As part of our drive for service excellence, the CAA has been working to develop an online portal for ATOL services, which will provide a more efficient and convenient service for everyone. The new ATOL Online system has been rolled out as a pilot to a selection of ATOL holders, for their ATOL renewal.

    What is ATOL Online?

    ATOL holders are currently required to submit their applications to renew or vary their licence via a paper application. ATOL Online is a modernisation of our services and will ultimately enable all applications and maintenance of records to be accessed online and provide a real time update of application status.

    We expect that after the first renewal, it will reduce the administrative burden for ATOL holders and will enable them to access ATOL services more easily and in most cases, will receive quicker decisions on their renewal and variation applications.

    Please note that the licensing criteria remains unchanged and remains as published.

    Please read our Overview of ATOL online for more information on licences of difference sizes or type:
    ATOL holders licensed for less than £20m revenue
    ATOL holders licensed for more than £20m revenue
    Franchise ATOL holders

    Who is included in the Pilot Launch?

    All ATOL holders and ATOL Reporting Accountants selected for this pilot launch have been notified. If you have not received notification by e-mail, please proceed with your renewal using the existing paper renewal application form and online Annual Accountant’s Report available here.

    If you have been selected to be part of the ATOL Online pilot launch, please read on for guidance.

    How do I access the CAA Portal?

    ATOL holders, ATOL Reporting Accountants and ATOL Consultants selected for the pilot launch of ATOL Online will have received an e-mail with their login details.  Please ensure you follow the instructions in this e-mail precisely. We also recommend that you read the relevant Quick Start Guide below before commencing your application.

    ATOL holders licensed for less than £20m revenue 
    ATOL holders licensed for more than £20m revenue
    Franchise ATOL holders 
    ATOL Reporting Accountants

    The videos below will also guide you through the process.

  • Once you have logged onto the CAA Portal, click on “Your Services” on the left hand navigation bar. You should then see “ATOL Portal” listed in the middle section of the page. If this is not shown, you may have created a new portal account with a new username, which will not provide you with access to ATOL Services. Please refer to the e-mail you received from ATOLOnline@caa.co.uk to follow the specific instructions using the username provided to you in this email. 

    If this does not work, please email ATOLonline@caa.co.uk for assistance.

    To complete the submission, the ATOL holder's Accountable Person is required to review and sign-off the online form. Consequently, “Awaiting applicant's declaration” is normally shown if the application has been submitted by a consultant or AP admin. In these circumstances, please ask the Accountable Person to login with their username, following the steps in the “Quick Start Guide” to complete the submission.

    If you are an Accountable Person and the above status is shown, please email ATOLonline@caa.co.uk for assistance.

    If you are a Consultants or AP Admin, you cannot access AAR Part 1 from your portal accounts as the report needs to be signed off by the Accountable Person.

    If you are an Accountable Person and you cannot access AAR Part 1, please email ATOLonline@caa.co.uk for assistance. 

    We have selected a representative sample of ATOL holders in order to conduct a full review of the new ATOL Online system across all categories of licence holders.

    The ATOL holders that have been selected to take part in the launch will be required to submit their application to renew via the new ATOL Online system. We will not be issuing paper applications to these ATOL holders.

    To ensure a smooth transition, sufficiency of CAA resource to deal with queries and to benefit from feedback before a full launch, the CAA has decided to launch this only as a pilot to conduct a full review of the capabilities of the platform. Once the pilot is successfully completed and feedback incorporated ATOL Online will be made available to all ATOL holders.

    We are not able to include additional ATOL holders in the pilot launch at this stage. If you have not been selected, please proceed with your application using the existing process. You should have received your paper application at the beginning of December. If you have not received it, please contact the ATOL team on: 020 7453 6700.

    We have a team dedicated to handling queries on the ATOL Online system and would ask you to e-mail:ATOLOnline@caa.co.uk. 

    However, if you have any queries in relation to the renewal in general, please call your usual ATOL contact.