• ATOL Online

    As part of our drive for service excellence, the CAA has been working to develop an online portal to enable easier access to ATOL services and in most cases, quicker decisions on renewal and variation applications to provide a more efficient and convenient service for everyone. The new ATOL Online system was successfully piloted with a selection of ATOL holders early in 2018. All ATOL holders will now apply using ATOL Online at their next renewal.

    What is ATOL Online?

    ATOL holders currently submit applications to renew and vary their licence using paper application forms. ATOL Online is a modernisation of our services and will ultimately enable all applications and maintenance of records (including submission of APC returns) to be accessed online and will provide a real-time update of the status of applications.  

    Although the renewal will now be an online procedure, the licensing criteria remains unchanged and is available here.

    ATOL Online will also be used by ATOL Reporting Accountants to provide the Annual Accountant’s Reports to support renewal applications.

    Process Diagrams

    The links below provide an outline of the online renewal process, including submission of Annual Accountant’s Reports Parts 1 and 2, where applicable:

    Activate/Reset CAA portal account password guide
    ATOL holders licensed for less than £20m revenue
    ATOL holders licensed for more than £20m revenue
    Franchise ATOL holders

    User Guides

    The links below contain Quick Reference Guides that have been deisgned to help users navigate through the online renewal application process.

    ATOL holders licensed for less than £20m revenue
    ATOL holders licensed for more than £20m revenue
    Franchise ATOL holders
    ATOL Reporting Accountants

    APC Returns

    APC returns must now be submitted via the ATOL Portal. This means you will no longer be able to log in directly to the existing APC web page.

    To submit your APC return please log in to the ATOL Portal, select ‘Manage existing ATOL’ and navigate to the relevant administration page of the required ATOL and select APC Return. The links below contain guides on how to set up an ATOL Portal account and how to navigate to the APC return within the ATOL Portal.

    How to create a CAA Portal account
    How to submit your APC return via the ATOL Portal

    When will ATOL Online be available?

    ATOL Online will be launched in June 2018.

    For those ATOL holders renewing in September, the online renewal application form will be available around the middle of June and you will receive an e-mail ahead of time, inviting you to log in to the CAA Portal to complete and submit your renewal application.

    How do I access ATOL Online?

    ATOL holders (the nominated Accountable Person and Delegated Accountable Person if appropriate), ATOL Reporting Accountants and ATOL Consultants will receive an e-mail with their log in details. Please ensure you follow the instructions in this e-mail precisely. 

    The videos below will also guide you through the process.