Lee's Travel Ltd - ATOL 4210 has ceased trading on 25th October 2018

The company based in London traded under the names Forever Cruises, Lee's Travel, Oz Flights, Unique Cruises and Sumoflights.com and websites www.flyclub.co.uk, https://forevercruises.co.uk, www.leestravel.com, www.ozflights.co.uk and www.sumoflights.com. 

Consumers currently overseas

ATOL Package bookings

Flight arrangements

If you are currently overseas and you hold a flight ticket, the flight remains valid for your return journey. You are advised to check-in with the airline as per your existing flight ticket. 


If you are currently overseas on a cruise, your cruise will continue as originally planned. 

Accommodation and other services that formed part of your ATOL Package

We understand that you may be asked to pay again for other elements of your holiday.  If you are made to pay again for accommodation, or other elements of your original holiday please make sure you keep receipts which show the amount and method of payment.  If you pay in cash, ensure you receive a cash receipt as you cannot make a claim without this.   

Consumers due to travel from 26th October 2018 onward

Flight-Only bookings

If your flight ticket booking reference starts with LN, you have not booked an ATOL protected flight, your flight should be valid, and you should check directly with the airline.  You are not entitled to make an ATOL claim. 

If you have a Flight-Only ATOL Certificate but also have a flight ticket, your flight should be valid, and you should still be able to travel. You should check directly with the airline. If your flight is valid you will not be entitled to make an ATOL claim.

We can only accept claims for ATOL protected Flight-Only bookings in which the ticket has not been issued.

ATOL Package bookings

If you have been issued with flight and cruise tickets, you must check directly with the airline and cruise supplier to confirm your tickets are still valid.  If they confirm the tickets are valid for travel you have two options;

Option 1. If you do not wish to travel, you can claim for a refund for your ATOL package booking (depending upon your original method of payment).  This also applies for passengers with non-valid flight and cruise tickets.

Option 2. You can use your Flight and/or Cruise and claim for the cost of replacing the other elements included in your original package, i.e. your accommodation, transfers, etc (subject to how you originally paid). You must check with the suppliers of these elements to ensure the other services are still available.  If you are able to travel, make sure you book the same accommodation or holiday service as before, or, if this isn't possible, a like for like alternative. Claims cannot exceed the total cost of the original ATOL package booking.  If you paid by credit card to Lee's Travel Ltd, you will only be entitled to claim for the replacement element costs from the CAA, up to the cost of your original trip, minus the amounts you originally paid by credit card which you should claim from your credit card company. If you did not use a credit card to pay Lee's Travel Ltd or you booked via an agent your claim will be with the CAA.
More information on your claim entitlements can be found in the ATT Payment Policy.

Please note that if you choose to travel and use the elements of your original ATOL Package you are not protected under The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018, as your package travel provider has ceased to trade.  You will therefore be responsible for any risks arising from each individual element of your trip which would have previously been protected. 

Methods of payment, who to claim from?

If you paid Lee's Travel Ltd entirely by credit card, then please make your claim with your credit card company, using the letter below.

If you paid Lee's Travel Ltd for only part of your holiday by credit card, then please claim the credit card payments from your credit card company using the letter below and claim from the CAA for the other methods of payment.

All other methods of payment and bookings made through agents of Lee's Travel Ltd may be claimed from the CAA.

Letter for credit card company


Agents of Lee's Travel Ltd are advised to email queries to agent.info@caa.co.uk.