Chadwell Travel Ltd ATOL 5287 has ceased trading on 20th October 2017

The company based in Romford traded under the names A1 Travel,, Bargain Holidays Online, Big On Holidays, Holiday Checker and Premier Leisure and under the websites,,,

All bookings with Chadwell Travel Ltd 

We are pleased to confirm that bookings protected by Chadwell Travel ATOL 5287 will still continue as planned even though Chadwell Travel has ceased trading.   We have taken steps for another ATOL holder, Broadway Travel Service (Wimbledon) Ltd ATOL 3634, to take over ATOL protected bookings and carry out consumers' holidays.   

All customers, who are currently abroad, will be able to complete their holidays and return home on their planned day of departure. 

All customers of Chadwell Travel/A1 Travel, with forward bookings will be contacted by Broadway Travel Services to discuss details of their booking.

Further advice can be found by emailing

You may contact Broadway Travel Services on 0191 600 0546.  Please be advised that lines are busy.
Consumers with ATOL protected forward bookings, who's original Chadwell travel booking consisted of flights with Monarch Airlines, will be assisted by Broadway Travel Services but in the event that they are not able to travel,  these consumers will be entitled to make a claim under the ATOL scheme.