Major airspace changes approved by the CAA making airline flights more efficient

The changes will enable aircraft to fly more efficiently, help reduce the number of low-level flights and reduce the environmental impact of aviation.

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New reporting rules set to help improve aviation safety

The introduction of new European rules on the reporting of aviation safety incidents and occurrences will help to further improve safety levels in both the commercial and private sectors, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said today.

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CAA decision on Gatwick Airport airspace departures review

Around one year after implementation of Gatwick airspace change the CAA reviews whether the anticipated impacts and benefits have been delivered.

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Business aircraft operators briefed on new regulation

Operators of business jets and helicopters are being targeted in a new drive to raise awareness of changes to the way the sector is regulated.

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CAA statement on the Airports Commission's final report

The CAA welcomes the Airports Commission's recommendations, which represent an important step in increasing the UK's aviation capacity.

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CAA announces plans for certification of offshore helidecks

An enhanced certification process would raise safety levels for the 300 plus helidecks in UK waters.

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Flight punctuality at UK airports drops in 2014

On-time performance, which is a flight early or up to and including 15 minutes late, has dropped by one percentage point in the last year.

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New safety proposals for helicopter operations to unattended offshore installations announced

Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG) to set up a working group to investigate and implement proposals.

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Bristol to get ‘listening out’ squawk

Great news for aircraft fitted with a Mode A/C or Mode S transponder

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Passengers at UK airports increase for the fourth year in a row

Demand for air travel continues to grow, particularly in London and the South East.

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