Changes to aircraft instrument requirements

CAA responds to the red tape challenge. The change is part of the CAA's ongoing work to ensure that regulation of General Aviation is more proportionate.

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Update on introduction of Standardised European Rules of the Air

Glider flying and parachuting within Class A airspace will still be possible where there are agreements with air traffic control.

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CAA publishes 60 day update on General Aviation work

Information on the finalised policy framework for General Aviation.

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Independent inquiry into air traffic control failure announced

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and NATS have agreed the establishment of an independent inquiry.

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CAA publishes GA policy framework

Following a wide consultation the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published its finalised Policy Framework for General Aviation (GA) regulation.

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CAA issues guidance on fuel for light aircraft

The UK Civil Aviation Authority today released new consolidated advice for owners of light aircraft.

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New approval granted for microlight company

For the first time under a new authorisation system, a microlight manufacturer has been given design, production and flight test approval by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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Guidance on restoring vintage aircraft issued by CAA

Advice on restoring, or rebuilding, historic and ex-military aircraft has been released by the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s General Aviation Unit.

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Proof of concept rule change could boost UK experimental aircraft design

A proposal to simplify the initial testing process for experimental aircraft in the UK will benefit small-scale aircraft designers and manufacturers.

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New training techniques to tackle human factors

An initiative to improve ‘crew resource management’ (CRM) in the aviation industry launched.

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