CAA launches investigation into airspace infringement

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), has launched an investigation into an infringement of the Restricted Area (Temporary) airspace.

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CAA increases operational scope of GA Permit aircraft

Extended scope of training and self-hire to be allowed in national UK Permit to Fly aircraft

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CAA begins new round of funding for 8.33 kHz radio switchover

New opportunity for pilots to part-finance purchase of new equipment

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Private pilot fined after landing without permission

The pilot of a light aircraft was fined £3,600 after landing at Coventry Airport without permission.

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CAA to introduce exemptions for General Aviation pilots and training organisations to cover delay to EASA aircrew regulation

UK CAA plans for exemptions to allow Uk GA pilots and training organisations to continue to operate during a delay EASA's amendment to the aircrew regulation.

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Civil Aviation Authority response to Laser Misuse Bill

Statement from Chief Executive Andrew Haines on the Government Laser Misuse (Vehicles) Bill

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Hot air balloon pilot fined for flying without a licence

A commercial hot air balloon pilot who flew passengers without a valid pilot's licence has been fined and ordered to pay costs.

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South Coast and South West drone users invited to ‘Share the air’ event at Compton Abbas airfield

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) running event with Compton Abbas airfield as part of campaign around safe sharing of the skies between drone users and the General Aviation (GA) community

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Listen up: CAA announce changes to airspace squawks

These frequency monitoring codes have played a vital role in reducing infringements of controlled airspace over the last ten years.

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Skyway Code updated and now available to buy in hard copy

The CAA’s guide to private flying rules, regulations and best practice has been updated.

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