Licences to be provisionally suspended for infringing pilots

Pilots who infringe controlled airspace could have their licences provisionally suspended while the incident is assessed

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Offshore helicopter restrictions extended

Update following the Norwegian Super Puma helicopter accident

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Changes to private pilot medical requirements announced

Following a public consultation, 96% of those responding agreed with our proposals, which will lead to both cost and time savings for pilots and, in most cases, remove the need for GP or AME involvement.

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CAA statement on Norwegian helicopter accident and operating restrictions

Full details of the restrictions in place are available in our new safety directive

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Ofgem and the CAA to work together on enforcement

Ofgem and the CAA have today announced that they will share the Enforcement Decision Panel (EDP) set up by Ofgem in 2014, with the CAA having access to the panel for its competition-related regulatory activity.

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Statement on Heathrow drone incident

Anyone operating a drone must do so responsibly and observe all relevant rules and regulations

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CAA publishes final report from Civil Air Display Review

The CAA has today published the final report from its Civil Air Display Review, confirming a series of measures aimed at making UK civil air displays even safer.

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CAA announces decision on Birmingham Airport departures route changes

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today announced its decision on changes to departure routes from Birmingham Airport.


As a result of the extension of the airport’s runway in 2014 new routes were required for departing aircraft. The airport consulted with the local community and other interested parties on several options for these routes and submitted the results to the CAA for a review and decision.

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Holiday habits: ‘returnerism’ widespread among UK holidaymakers

New research from ATOL has found that ‘returnerism’* is widespread among UK holidaymakers, with nearly a third of people (30 per cent) returning to the same holiday destination every single year.

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New easy process to enable electronic identification of light aircraft announced

New proposals to allow GA airspace users in uncontrolled UK airspace to use low cost, low power electronic devices to be more visible to each other

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