Small Business ATOL

Application for a Small Business ATOL

Making an Application

Application Process

Please note that it is not possible to provide detailed information on the likely requirements for the grant of a licence, as each application is different.

Our fees for making a Small Business ATOL application are £1,115. A full list of ATOL charges can be found in the Official Record Series 5 - Scheme of Charges.

1. Submit an Application

An application form should be completed and sent to us, together with the applicable application fee and applicable supporting documents - please refer to the checklist at the back of the application form. Please note application fees are non-refundable.  

We have produced a guide to assist in the completion of the application form. The application form includes financial projections which needs to be completed for a minimum period of 12 months. If you are unsure of how to complete the projections please talk to your accountants / auditors.

2. Initial Assessment

The application will be allocated to a case officer who will contact the applicant to request any additional information. No further progress can be made until any requested additional information is provided by the applicant.

Once all requested information has been received, the case will be submitted to a Manager who will consider setting up a meeting with the applicant.

3. Formal Meeting

If a meeting is required we will outline any fitness aspects relevant to the case and we will briefly run through the administration requirements to maintain the licence, and give the applicant the opportunity to raise any queries.

In most cases, a decision on the application will be concluded at or very soon after the meeting.

4. Offer Letter

Provided the applicant accepts the decision proposed at or following the meeting, a formal decision letter is issued, listing all the requirements necessary to grant a licence. The decision letter allows the applicant up to two months to meet the requirements. The ATOL number will be given to the applicant once the licence is granted.

General Requirements

You can apply for a Small Business ATOL if:

  • you intend to sell to less than 500 passengers a year and intend to keep the numbers at the same level within the first three years. 
  • the people in control of the business have not previously been involved with a failed ATOL holder, in particular where there was a call on the back-up fund, the Air Travel Trust.

Section 4.4 of our financial criteria policy note set out type of applications for which the CAA will not consider issuing a Small Business ATOL. 

Our Rebalancing ATOL proposals will now take effect from 1 April 2016.

General Financial & Fitness Requirements

The SBA application process does not include a financial assessment, provided the CAA is satisfied that the applicant meets the requirements for an SBA, set out above.

Legally, the CAA must be satisfied that the people who own/control the business are fit and competent to hold a licence. It will request details of the history of the people in a position of influence within an applicant and consider if they are likely to operate in a proper manner if granted a licence. If its preliminary view is that the people are unfit or not competent to hold a licence, it will issue a proposal to refuse the licence application, setting out the reasons for reaching the view and giving the applicant an opportunity to put its case to us at a formal meeting.

The CAA has issued a policy note which sets out the personal fitness and competence criteria.

Apply for a Small Business ATOL

Application Form
How to Apply Guide
Bond Forms  

Please send to:

ATOL New Applicants
CAA House
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