Safety and Airspace Regulation Group (SARG) Code of Practice

The SARG Code of Practice defines how SARG operates

Code of Practice

The principles of the Citizen’s Charter apply to ‘enforcement agencies’ - the bodies charged with the task of ensuring compliance with various Government Regulations.

The principles of the Charter apply to the dealings such agencies have both with businesses and individuals. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is an enforcement agency and its safety regulatory functions fall into the category to which the Charter applies.

The CAA complies with the provisions of the Statutory Code of Practice for Regulators. The Safety and Airspace Regulation Group's (SARG) Code of Practice fulfils the obligations of the Code relating to accountability.

Our Code of Practice, available below, sets out the standards and the levels of service which both the aviation industry and individuals may expect from the Safety and Airspace Regulation Group of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Appeals Against Regulatory Decisions

Except in the cases of provisional suspensions or variations pending further enquiry, decisions made at the direction of the Secretary of State, and medical certificates, a decision to revoke, suspend or refuse to grant a certificate, licence etc. by the Safety and Airspace Regulation Group can be appealed against to the Members of the CAA (Civil Aviation Regulations 1991 - Regulation 6).

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