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CAA Medical Department Call Centre


Medical certificate applicants and holders must seek aeromedical advice from an AME or AeMC in the event of a decrease in medical fitness.

The call centre number is 01293 573700 and you will be offered two options.  Press 1 for Medical or Press 2 for Flight Crew and Engineer Licensing.  After choosing Medical you will hear the following message:

For aeromedical advice, including notification of fitness changes, you should contact the Aeromedical Examiner or Aeromedical Centre who carried out the last aviation medical examination or assessment. If you have a general enquiry about aviation medical certification, you should refer to the CAA website at

Please listen carefully to the following options. To return to the main menu press the star button at any time.

If you are an AME Press 1:

• If you have any administrative queries Press 1
• If you wish to speak to the AME online team Press 2
• If you have a medical query and wish to speak to an AMA Press 3

If you are a non-UK licence holder and wish to convert your licence Press 2

For medical appointments at the UK CAA Aeromedical Centre at Gatwick or enquiries about an examination or test you have had at Gatwick press 3

To check the status of a medical report you have submitted, and for all general enquiries Press 4








October 2014