Forms for SBA Renewal

Common forms required in order to renew your licence

Forms for Small Business ATOL (SBA) – Authorising up to 500 licensable passengers

Click the links below for forms required as part of the renewal application. There is also a list of frequently asked questions and explanation of renewal process which may assist you with completing your application. 

SBA Annual Accountants Report – CAA Model Engagement Terms (CPG ATOL Forms 3035, 3036 & 3037) 

SBA Annual Accountants Report – Non CAA Model Engagement Term (CPG ATOL Forms 3045, 3046 & 3047)  

Please note that the SBA Annual Accountants' Reports should be provided in respect of licensable business conducted under your ATOL during the licence period that ended on 31 March 2015. Please also see our frequently asked questions in respect of Annual Accountants’ Reports and Guidance for auditors/accountants.

The full list of all ATOL Licensing Forms including Bonds can be found here.

The links below are for blank sections of the application form that may be useful if you have to make amendments to your application. 

Section 7 of application form

If you require another copy of the complete application form or have any queries please email