Open - Consultation in progress

The consultations listed below are currently open for comment.

Open - Consultation in progress

Consultation - CAA Statutory Charges 2015/16 - Proposals

This consultation contains the proposed amendments to the CAA Schemes of Charges, to take effect as from 1 April 2015. The 2015/16 pricing strategy is to reduce Safety Regulation charges by 1.3% and the removal of the AOC cross subsidy to other Schemes, equating to a reduction of £1m in charges. This is primarily as a result of UK Govt agreement, subject to confirmation by Parliamentary Protocol, to reduce the CAA’s rate of return from 6.0% to 3.5% whilst continuing with tight cost control

Consultation - Proposal to allow the operation of Experimental Aircraft under 'E' Conditions

The purpose of this consultation is to consult all interested parties on the CAA's proposal to amend the Air Navigation Order to include conditions under which experimental aircraft could be operated.

Consultation - CAP 1018 Guidance on Consumer Enforcement

The Consumer Enforcement Guidance previously included prioritisation principles, which now sit in a seperate document and will apply across the CAA's enforcement powers in consumer, competition and economic licences. Other updates include dealing with urgent issues, and details on the obligations to disclose information set out in the Enterprise Act.

Consultation - CAP 1233 Draft Prioritisation Principles for the CAA's Consumer Protection, Competition Law and Economic Regulation work

Our draft prioritisation principles explain our approach in deciding which pieces of work to take forward in the areas of consumer protection, competition law and economic regulation. This consultation replaces our previous prioritisation principles consulted on in 2011 and reissued in 2013.

Consultation - CAP 1234 Draft Economic Licensing Enforcement Guidance

Our draft guidance sets out how we will enforce licences issued under the Transport Act 2000 (currently NATS (en route) plc) and the Civil Aviation Act 2012 (currently Gatwick Airport Limited and Heathrow Airport Limited).

Consultation - CAP 1235 Guidance on the Application of the CAA's Competition Powers

This guidance contains general information designed to inform stakeholders about how we apply our competition powers and duties in relation to airport operation services and air traffic services.

Consultation - CAP 1221 Economic regulation of new runway capacity

The CAA is currently looking to provide clarity on its expected approach to the economic regulation of any new capacity expansion of London airports and any associated costs that may be incurred during Q6 and subsequently. Stakeholders have the opportunity to comment on our draft policy statement before the CAA publishes its policy statement in spring 2015.