Open - Consultation in progress

The consultations listed below are currently open for comment.

Open - Consultation in progress

Consultation - NERL Oceanic Charge: Proposals for a charge cap 2015 - 2019

The CAA currently regulates the maximum that NERL can charge users for Oceanic services by means of a condition in the NERL En Route Licence (issued under the Transport Act 2000). This document sets out the CAA's proposals for a charge cap on NERL's Oceanic services for the next control period 2015-2019.

Consultation - Heathrow and Gatwick: Additional guidance for operational resilience plans

The economic licences held by Heathrow and Gatwick airports require the airports to develop and maintain operational resilience plans. We provided high level guidance when issuing the licences and are now seeking views on additional guidance building on that original guidance.

Consultation - Rebalancing ATOL: Proposals to ensure a fair and proportionate Financial Protection Scheme

The CAA is consulting on a number of changes to the requirements placed on ATOL holders to ensure that it is operating a proportionate and fair system. The changes will affect all ATOL holders, and the CAA is keen to hear from as many stakeholders as possible.

Consultation - Proposal to amend ATOL Standard Term 6 and Information on other amendments to the CAA's Official Record Series 3

The CAA is consulting on a change to the ATOL Standard Terms in order to give consumers improved clarity on their financial protection when booking with businesses that are exempt from holding an ATOL. The changes will affect all ATOL stakeholders and restrict the way in which ATOL holders may sell flight accommodation to exempt businesses. The document also includes details of other amendments to the Official Records Series 3 and is for information purposes only.

Consultation - Regulating General Aviation

The CAA is committed to introducing a more appropriate level of regulation for general aviation (GA), in line with its statutory duties to ensure the safety of those who are involved with aviation activities. To drive its new approach to GA regulation the CAA is consulting on an overall policy for the sector that will be used as the basis for its decision-making when regulating the GA community.

Consultation - Quality Standards under Regulation EC 1107/2006

The CAA is consulting on its proposed guidance to airports on setting, monitoring and publishing quality standards for providing assistance to disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility (PRMs) under Regulation EC 1107/2006.