Open - Consultation in progress

The consultations listed below are currently open for comment.

Open - Consultation in progress

Consultation - NERL Oceanic Charge: Proposals for a charge cap 2015 - 2019

The CAA currently regulates the maximum that NERL can charge users for Oceanic services by means of a condition in the NERL En Route Licence (issued under the Transport Act 2000). This document sets out the CAA's proposals for a charge cap on NERL's Oceanic services for the next control period 2015-2019.

Consultation - Rebalancing ATOL: Proposals to ensure a fair and proportionate Financial Protection Scheme

The CAA is consulting on a number of changes to the requirements placed on ATOL holders to ensure that it is operating a proportionate and fair system. The changes will affect all ATOL holders, and the CAA is keen to hear from as many stakeholders as possible.