Open - Consultation in progress

The consultations listed below are currently open for comment.

Open - Consultation in progress

Consultation - CAP 1145 Action A13: The CAA's Intention to assume responsibility for the certification of UK helidecks

During the CAA’s strategic review of Offshore Helicopter Operations (CAP 1145), an action was raised notifying of the CAA’s intention to assume responsibility for the certification of UK helidecks. This consultation is being undertaken as a result of that action.

Consultation - Guidance on the application of the CAA's powers under the Airport Charges Regulations 2011

We are consulting on draft guidance to advise stakeholders how we will interpret, monitor and enforce the requirements in the Airport Charges Regulations 2011. The Regulations set a common framework for airports with over 5 million annual passengers to consult in a transparent manner with airlines when setting airport charges. The Regulations also require airports to set non-discriminatory charges and to fairly allocate scarce capacity.

Consultation - Initial proposals on modifications to NATS (En Route) plc licence in respect of Governance and Ring-fencing

CAA’s initial proposals on how the air traffic services licence of NERL should be amended to meet concerns first identified in the CAA’s Ad Hoc Review of 2012/13. That Review found that the current arrangements for governance and ring-fencing may need to be strengthened to ensure that users are adequately protected from risks which arise outside of the regulated business.

Consultation - GA ANO Review - Thematic Consultation

Following on from the Governments GA Red Tape Challenge, the CAA has conducted a comprehensive review of all aspects of the ANO that could impact on General Aviation. This consultation presents the output of the initial review in a thematic format, for which we seek comments from the GA community.