Open - Consultation in progress

The consultations listed below are currently open for comment.

Open - Consultation in progress

Consultation - CAP 1261 Review of advice on SES Market Conditions for Terminal Air Navigation Services in the UK

This report sets out a review of the CAA’s advice (CAP1004) to the Department for Transport (DfT) on how the market for terminal air navigation services, essentially air traffic support for take-off and landing, at the UK’s largest airports is currently working. It follows a request from the DfT for the CAA to review its advice in light of recent market changes. It covers services at the 9 largest airports in the UK.

Consultation - Certificate of Airworthiness - Gyroplanes

This is a public consultation on a draft Special Condition for Gyroplanes. The document defines the airworthiness requirements applicable to Certificate of Airworthiness gyroplanes and will form the basis of new requirements.