CAA Safety Plan

On this page you will find the current version of the CAA Safety Plan.

The CAA Safety Plan 2011 to 2013, developed in partnership with industry, is a key mechanism to support the CAA’s Safety Strategy and to drive improved safety performance across all aviation sectors.

The Plan describes the key outcomes the CAA and its industry partners are collectively aiming for to improve aviation safety performance and the associated actions to achieve them.  These actions fall into two types: those to address the seven foremost aviation safety issues (‘Significant Seven’ Safety Issues), and those to improve capability in important individual subject areas such as Human Factors, SMS and Continuing Airworthiness (Key Capability Issues).

The Plan has been designed primarily to be viewed on screen and is in two parts: the first is a high-level overview of the key issues and desired outcomes; and the second contains more detail (including actions, deliverables, measures of success, etc.).  The Plan can be accessed from the link below.

Read the CAA Safety Plan 2011-2013