CAA Involvement in SES

The CAA's involvement in Single European Sky

The CAA is at the heart of the UK's involvement with SES.

  • We provide detailed policy advice to the DfT through the European ATM Policy Committee (EAPC), which decides how the UK should respond to SES developments. The CAA takes the lead on airspace issues;
  • The CAA's Director of Airspace Policy represents the UK on the Single Sky Committee (SSC) alongside the Head of DfT's Airspace Division;
  • We have been effective in influencing the development of mandates and the drafting of Implementing Rules (IRs) through consulting with the Commission at all levels, engaging in bilateral agreements with other states' regulatory bodies, and contributing at Eurocontrol and Commission meetings and workshops;
  • We participate in and chair expert-level technical working groups and steering groups, e.g. the Regulatory Information and Co-ordination Board Area North West (RICBAN), the Eurocontrol SRC, the SES Military Interface Committee (SESMIC) and the Military ATM Director's Meetings;
  • We consult and disseminate information to industry, both directly and in support of DfT, at workshops and conferences, through the media and via the CAA website, and encourage the industry to lobby European counterparts and other European Governments through their representative bodies.

The European ATM Policy Co-ordination Section of the CAA's Directorate of Airspace Policy co-ordinates CAA-wide views on European ATM issues including SES, and ensures that all relevant parts of the aviation industry are informed of developments. The CAA's focal point on SES issues is Stephen Hand who can be contacted by phone 020 7453 6507 or by e-mail.

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