SES Consultations

This page provides a brief summary current consultations being conducted in support of the Single European Sky (SES)

The provisions of the high level SES legislation are elaborated in detailed Implementing Rules (IRs). The Commission may draft IRs or  call  upon Eurocontrol for assistance. 

The Commission process for consultation is generally through initial informal discussions with the Industry Consultation Board (ICB), experts (e.g. EASA and Eurocontrol) and Member States, followed by formal Single Sky Committee (SSC) workshops. When the proposals are sufficiently mature they are presented to the formal SSC for discussion and then adoption.

Where Eurocontrol are called upon to draft IRs the Eurocontrol Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ENPRM) procedure is used for consultation. This sets out a formal process, which is open to all to stakeholders to respond.

Below are details of current/recent SES consultations on proposed regulations.






Stakeholder consultation on regulatory approach to RP2 of the SES Performance Scheme  

European Commission

Consultation from 16 March to 8 June 2012:



ENPRM/12-001: Formal consultation on draft Eurocontrol Specification  for the origination of aeironautical data (DO)   


Consultation from 2 February to 27 April 2012:









LeadCAA ResponseConsultation Details
Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) Part B IR EASA

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Consultation conducted by EASA NPA process:

10 Feb to 10 May 2011