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Please find below a list of Aviation Forums hosted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Flight Data Monitoring

The Flight Data Monitoring Website is a facility, hosted by the UK CAA, to disseminate useful information concerning FDM issues.  This information is freely available to all members of the public.  However, there is also a facility for UK based Operators only, that currently use FDM systems, to exchange information and lessons learnt via a secure part of the Website ('The Forum').  This is password protected and requires the user to pre-register.


The Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) Human Factors Steering Group (HFStG)

Joint Aviation Authorities

The JAA HFStG is the focal point for 'human factors' issues in the European aviation authorities. Hosted by the regulators, it includes members from industry, trade unions, and related organisations.

This web site provides members of the HFStG with a diary, on-line contacts list, and a bulletin board to encourage dialogue. It provides information about the HFStG to others in the aviation industry with an interest in human factors.