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Travel Insurance - Do I need to obtain travel insurance for my trip?

InsuranceIt is important to consider what insurance you need before booking flights and holidays. If you are travelling outside the UK you should always take out travel insurance to cover the costs of medical care if you are injured or become unwell while you are away, including the costs of getting home.

Sometimes travel insurance is provided with a bank account or credit card. Make sure that you read the policy conditions (including the ‘small print’) to make sure that you have the right cover to meet your needs. Most policies require you to make an annual declaration of your health in order for you to be properly insured.

Declare your medical history

You must almost always tell your insurer about existing medical conditions to be covered for them. You must also disclose any changes to your health during the policy term. If the insurer does not ask you about any pre-existing conditions that you have, the condition is almost certainly not covered by the policy.

Medical treatment in Europe and the European Health Insurance Card

If you are travelling in Europe, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC - formerly E111) will enable you to access free or reduced-cost emergency treatment. It is not an alternative to travel insurance and usually only applies if you are treated in a public or state hospital. You should be aware that the EHIC will not cover the costs to get you home if you are ill or injured and may not cover all medical costs, e.g. outpatient costs, prescriptions and medication. The EHIC card does not apply in Turkey.

Similar health agreements exist in other countries, (for example Australia), as well as some British Crown dependencies such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

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