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FAQ Answer

Reduced Mobility - I have reduced mobility and wish to travel by air. Where can I find more information about my rights to assistance during my journey and will I need a medical certificate?

Reduced Mobility In general terms, a medical certificate would not be required for a stable situation eg a stroke which has left residual weakness which impairs movement, but with no other medical condition. If there was an underlying heart condition which had led to the stroke and is ongoing, a note from the treating physician outlining the medical condition would allow a more robust decision on fitness to fly. Most people with mobility problems have found it possible to travel by air, especially with legislation which was passed in 2008. If, however, there are other medical issues as outlined above, it would be advisable to obtain documentation from your General Practitioner in order that these additional medical needs are taken into account. If the conditions are complex, the use of the MEDIF Form may be required.

Useful guidance for travellers is given on the following links:

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