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FAQ Answer

Security scanners - Are airport security scanners safe?

Most people understand the need for high levels of security at airports and on board aircraft. Methods used to screen passengers and their baggage range from visual inspections and ‘pat down’ searches to the use of several types of scanner. Some people worry that their health may be affected by the equipment used in security checks.

Most people will be used to walking through an archway after having taken all metal items – coins, mobile phones and so on - out of their pockets. These arches are metal detectors and will also detect metal inside the body, such as artificial joints and heart pacemakers.

If the machine alarm goes off, a security guard will usually carry out a ‘pat down’ search. It may be helpful to carry a letter from your doctor if you have had a joint replacement or pacemaker which can set off the alarm. You may also be asked to have a whole-body scan.

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