ATOL Renewals - September 2015

Information detailing the bi-annual renewal process of ATOL licences

List 1 - Late renewing ATOL holders who no longer hold an ATOL at 1 October 2015

The attached PDF - List One - contains a list of firms who have applied to renew their licences, but have failed to do so, updated at 12:00 on 13 October 2015. In some cases the CAA has yet to reach a decision on their application, in others the CAA has decided to grant the application from the date on which the firm provides certain items to the CAA. 

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that the CAA has doubts as to the firm's financial resources.

List 2 - ATOL holders who will no longer be holding an ATOL at 1 October 2015

The attached PDF - List Two - contains a list of firms who, for the reasons below, have not renewed their licences and whose licences therefore expired on 30 September 2015.

  • Firms who have not applied to renew their licences
  • Firms who have chosen not to renew their licences
  • Firms who applied to revoke their licences

Firms appearing on these lists are not permitted to advertise or accept bookings or payments unless they are acting as an agent on behalf, and with the authority, of a disclosed ATOL holder or are acting as an Airline Ticket Agent or are otherwise exempted from holding an ATOL.