Noise and Environmental Enquiries and Complaints

The CAA provides a focal point for aviation related environmental complaints and enquiries.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Directorate of Airspace Policy (DAP) provides a focal point for receiving and responding to aviation related environmental enquiries, including aircraft noise complaints, from the general public.

Information regarding a wide range of aviation activities can be found by reading our FAQs, looking at the more comprehensive factsheets or via the other useful links below. If having read through this information, you would like to register a complaint with the CAA, please submit the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Please note:

The CAA has no authority over military aviation in the UK. For more information about military aviation or to register a complaint, please use the Ministry of Defence link below or call 0845 600 7580.

The CAA has no legal power to restrict aircraft activity due to noise nuisance.

Please read our most Frequently Asked Questions