Notes for Historic Airport And Airline Statistics

Background notes for historic statistics

Despite efforts made to ensure the correct presentation of the historical statistics, there may still be some anomalies. We no longer hold the required information on our database for these periods and have been reliant upon ‘hard copies produced at that time.

Please note the following:

  1. Some publications contain errata. These were usually placed immediately after the table of contents, but some may be found in other parts of the publication.
  2. Some publications, especially those for earlier years, contain handwritten notes and amendments. It is not possible for the CAA to verify whether these convey accurate information.
  3. Blank pages have been automatically removed from the documents. For example, if page 35 is followed immediately by page 37, it is likely that page 36 is a blank page.

In CAA Monthly Statistics January 1973 to December 1982, Table 1 - Size Structure of UK Airports and Airlines Year ended (month) (year) shows different statistics in different time periods. See the table below for more detail.

PeriodTable 1 - Size Structure of UK Airports and Airlines Year ended (month) (year)
January 1973 - March 1979Contains statistics up to the latest complete quarter. For example, both July and August 1975 show the figures corresponding to the year ended June 1975, whereas September 1975 shows the statistics for Oct 1974 - Sept 1975.

April 1979 - December 1979

Shows rolling year total
January 1980 - December 1982Is split into Table 1.1 - Size of UK Airlines and Table 2.1 - Size of UK Airports