Adhoc Data Charges

Charging structure for adhoc Survey and Airport Statistics

Charging for UK Airport and Punctuality Data

In addition to a series of published tables available for download from our website, we are able to provide bespoke analysis for certain UK Airport and Punctuality related information. Please view our fields page for a list of fields available.


Due to the recent fire incident at CAA House, London, there may be a delay responding to requests for bespoke reports of up to five working days. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


We have simplified our charging scheme in order to provide users the opportunity to estimate the charge applicable to their specific requirement 

You will see in the charging table that there are 3 applicable components:

(1) Base Rate Volume and costs per year: A charge relating to the volume (based on the number of flights held on the database in the most recent year required)

(2) Additional Years: Discount applied when more than 1 years information is required; this is also applied to new regular subscriptions where data for same month in previous year is also required for comparison purposes. 

(3) Delivery Charge: Two rates apply, one for a ‘one off’ bespoke reports, the other for regular annual subscription.

We can provide data at monthly level aggregate, seasonal, annual or any specific groupings required.  We cannot provide any data lower than monthly level. Whether you select 12 months information or data aggregated to annual level the charge will now be the same, based on figures provided below. 

 Charges applicable from quotes provided with effect from 24 October 2014.

 Component Condition Charge (GBP)
 (1) Base Rate Volume - costs per year Up to 25% £245
 % flights held on database in most recent year required 26% - 50% £555
  51% - 75% £855
  76% - 100% £1,175
 (2) Additional Years - if applicable: Period %
 The most recent year accessed will not   2 - 7 years old 25
 attract a discount. Additional years will  8 - 15 years old 30
 attract the discount shown in the  16 + years old 50
 following table depending on the age of  
 the year accessed.  
 (3) Delivery Charge 
 Bespoke Report One off charge £100
 Regular Subscription Per delivery


In addition to the charges described as (1) and (2) above selected fields will attract a supplementary charge, this is dependant upon the number of these fields requested. The fields are as follows: 

 Aircraft registration
 Flight number
 Terminal building number
 Day of Week indicator *
 Hourly Time-bands *

* Day of the Week indicator and Hourly Time-bands are only available at a quarterly level.

To calculate the charge, multiply the sum of the cost of (1) and (2) above as follows;

 For one supplementary field cost x 3.00
 For two supplementary fields cost x 3.25
 For three supplementary fields cost x 3.50
 For four supplementary fields cost x 3.75
 For five supplementary fields cost x 4.00


There are two examples below that show the method to calculate a charge:

Example 1

A bespoke report showing data between all full reporting airports and airports worldwide for nine years.

 Condition Condition Charge (GBP)
 Base Rate Volume 76%-100% £1,175
 Additional Years

 Six additional years at 25% reduction - £881 per year


 Two additional years at 30% reduction £822 per year

 Delivery Charge Bespoke report one off charge £100
  Total £8,205 + vat

Example 2 (includes two fields attracting supplementary charge)

An annual subscription for monthly data showing all data available to/from Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

 Condition Condition Charge (GBP)
Base Rate Volume Up to 25%


Additional Charge for Flight Number and Day of Week

 Base Rate Cost x 3.25


Additional Years

Not applicable to Regular Subscriptions


Delivery Charge Regular Subscription of 12 monthly  deliveries  £300
 Total  £1,096 + vat


Note: A minimum data charge of £345 applies to the Adhoc Airport/Punctuality charges.  Charges are exclusive of VAT.