Airport Statistics Notes

Notes on aspects of Airport Statistics

Estimated release dates (updated 23 November 2015)

 Data Month

 Date Available On Website
September 201524/11/2015
October 201510/12/2015
November 201515/01/2015
December 201510/02/2015
Annual 2015Week Commencing 14/03/2016

Domestic Air Passenger Route Analysis by Each Reporting Airport

Please note the introduction of 12.3 Domestic Air Passenger Route Analysis with effect from January 2012. This is an alternative version of Table 12.2 Domestic Air Passenger Route Analysis table. Unlike Table 12.2, duplicated routes have not been removed on Table 12.3. Table 12.3 shows domestic passenger traffic as reported by each airport, any table totals, therefore, overstate the actual number of passengers. Totals reported by airports over a given airport pair are not necessarily the same.

New EU Entrants

In May 2004 ten new entrants were admitted into the European Union.  These countries are shown in our Airport Statistics tables as EU countries with effect from the January 2005 Monthly tables and the 2004 Annual tables. Bulgaria & Romania entered the EU January 2007 and are included in EU tables from this time apart from Bulgarian airlines who are included from January 2009.

Historical Annual Airport Tables 1990 – 1996

Please note that those tables providing an EU split are based on status of the EU at the time the tables were produced (i.e.  Autumn 2008 - EU27) and not on the status of the EU applicable to the relevant data period 1990-1996. Unfortunately, due to the way information is held on our Airport database, it is only possible to provide the latest available/current EU split.

Important information on changes made to our airport data collection with effect from June 2001