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Annual Profit and Loss, Airline Appropriation & Balance Sheet statistics are collected from all major UK Airlines (those whose total fleet exceeds 200 Tonnes maximum take off weight authorised).  Data is reported and published according to airlines financial year ends. 

From the monthly airline data we collect we also publish annual Operating and Traffic Statistics based on the airlines financial year ends in this suite of tables. 

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2013/14 Estimated release date: 20 April 2015

The information contained in this report has been compiled from various sources of data. CAA validates this data, however, no warranty is given as to its accuracy, integrity or reliability. CAA cannot accept liability for any financial loss caused by a person’s reliance on any of   these statistics. No statistical data provided by CAA maybe sold on to a third party.  CAA insists that they are referenced in any publication that makes reference to CAA Statistics.

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