Ofcom Decision

The Ofcom decsion on the notice of variation to licences


In accordance with the provisions of Schedule 1 to the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 as amended (“the WT Act”), we wrote to all holders of radio licences for VHF aeronautical radio ground stations on 23rd March 2012 to notify them of our proposal to vary their licences. This was because we wanted to align the titles of the licences which authorise these stations with the service descriptions used by ICAO.  Licensees had until 24th April to make representations.

Having considered the representations received, we note that none of them opposed our variation proposals.

Ofcom’s decision

In line with the proposal contained in our letter of 23rd March and to complement the introduction of new licence fees, we have decided to vary VHF aeronautical ground station radio licences to reflect the new licence titles. This notice informs licensees of that decision under the provisions of Schedule 1 to the WT Act.

Our decision makes no change to the way that you may use your VHF station.  Your existing licence will be replaced in the course of the next few weeks, with one of the new style licence documents.  Until then, your existing licence remains valid.  A fee will not be charged for issuing a replacement licence and the new fees payable for your radio use will be reflected in your next regular fee payment.