Equipment Approval

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Radio Equipment Approval

View the common approved equipment list -  including name, manufacturer, model and approval number. If you cannot find the specific equipment you are looking for then please try the links at the bottom of the page. 

Approval Process

There are three ways in which equipment may be granted approval:

1. A European Technical Standard Order Authorisation (ETSOA) applied through and granted by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
2. A National Aviation Authority (NAA) approval, such as the CAA UK or a JTSO (Joint Technical Standard Order).
3. Approval at the aircraft level as part of the Type Certificate or change to it (Supplemental Type Certificate, major/minor change).

Notes on the approval process:
- ETSOA or NAA equipment approval does not infer any approval to install onto an aircraft.
- JTSOs and NAA equipment approvals issued prior to 28 September 2003 are equivalent to ETSOA.
- NAA equipment approvals issued since 28 September 2003 are only valid for use on non-EASA aircraft.

Information on how to apply for a equipment approval can be found on the EASA website or by contacting the CAA as addressed below:

Aircraft Certification Department
Civil Aviation Authority
Aviation House
Gatwick Airport South
West Sussex

Tel No: 020 7453 6555 E-mail:

Useful Links

CAA UK Aircraft Equipment Approvals Records System (AEARS) Database

EASA ETSOA and JTSOA Databases