Code of Practice

Given below is the Code of Practice for the radio licensing office.

Our code states our aim to provide you with a prompt and efficient service and outlines our procedures for handling enquiries and monitoring customer feedback. It outlines the standards of service you can expect from us and offers useful advice on how to get the best from the services we offer.

Our Commitments

We are committed to providing you with a professional service and we have put into place a number of Quality Assurance measures to ensure that we can meet our set standards of service.
These are:

  • Despatching a new licence application form within 1 working day (except where bulk orders are placed)
  • Processing a licence application within 5 working days of receipt (provided that all forms, correct documentation and fee are enclosed and payment has cleared, and there is no frequency assignment required)
  • Sending a renewal reminder 6 weeks before expiry (To all licensees. However these will be for information only for direct debit customers)
  • Processing a licence renewal within 5 working days of receipt (from clearance of correct payment)
  • Notifying a customer where a licence has lapsed

As part of our commitment to you, Radio Licensing staff will:

  • Always answer the telephone by identifying themselves by name;
  • Wherever possibly, handle your enquiry via one point of contact;
  • Aim to resolve any problems swiftly and to your satisfaction;
  • Provide clear, accurate, helpful information and advice at all times;
  • Treat you with respect and courtesy at all times;
  • Encourage feedback to help us improve our service to you; and
  • Keep private any personal information you give us by abiding by the Data Protection Act.

Customer Feed back

We will endeavour to seek and listen to all your comments and suggestions about the service we provide. These will be reviewed regularly and used to develop and further improve our levels of customer service.