Dating Protocol for ARC Extensions

How to ensure that you add the correct Issue and Expiry dates to Extended ARCs

Date of Issue - The date on which the ARC is Extended

Date of Expiry - One year from the Date of Expiry of the current ARC

Please Note:

In accordance with the revised acceptable means of compliance to Part M, published in ED Decision 2008/013/R of 2008, it is possible to anticipate the extension of the ARC by a maximum of 30 days without a loss of continuity of the airworthiness review pattern. The new expiry date is one year after the previous expiry date.

Expired ARCs

It is acceptable, for the first and second ARC validity extensions, to extend an ARC after its expiration date providing all the conditions for the extension are met. However, this means the following:

  • The aircraft has not flown since the ARC expired, and
  • The new expiration date (after the extension) is set one year after the previous expiration date (not one year after the extension is performed).