Renewals/EASA Transition -Touch it Once

Fly through your CofA Renewal or EASA Transition with the CAA's new online service, Touch It Once

Obtaining your own Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) Renewal paperwork is now available online with the CAA's new online service, Touch It Once.

Touch It Once is the fast, easy and convenient way to prepare your aircraft's CofA Renewal. Touch It Once makes it even easier to manage your Renewal.

IMPORTANT: All Renewal Recommendations submitted accurately and accompanied by the appropriate fee will be processed within 5 working days from the date of receipt. Please allow adequate time for the processing of your application.

To recommend your aircraft, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1

Obtain the correct Recommendation form for your aircraft


EASA Aircraft with a CofA expiry date before 28 September 2008 

SRG 1712
SRG 1710




Annex II and State Aircraft
(Please refer to item 5, regarding flight-testing)

SRG 1746




Step 2

Calculate how much you need to pay - EASA Aircraft

Calculate how much you need to pay - Annex II or State Aircraft


Payments can be made by Credit or Debit card, by Bank Transfer or by Cheque. Cheques should be made payable to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Step 3

With the introduction of the new “Touch-It-Once” online service for Certificate of Airworthiness renewal, the completion of the form AD968 is no longer a requirement and reference to this form has now been removed.
Any queries related to the WT Act Radio Licence should be addressed to the Directorate of Airspace Policy at or via the web at All amendments to the Radio Licence should be submitted in writing to Radio Licensing.

Owners are reminded that all radio equipment fitted to the aircraft should be approved and that the installation of new equipment should be approved by modification. Queries related to modification approval and installation should be referred to your local CAA Regional Office.

For further guidance regarding radio approval, reference may be made to EASA and CAA Websites.


Step 4

Please ensure that all relevant documentation is complete and included in your Recommendation pack in accordance with the table below.



Please Note: Incomplete form submissions will result in delayed processing of your Renewal.



Correct Recommendation Form

No fields should be left blank.

Full engine and propeller details must be provided. (Including full blade designation where applicable).

Recommendations must be signed by a CAA approved signatory within agreed timescales from date of survey.

Correct FeeUnderpayments will lead to your application being placed on hold awaiting receipt of full payment.
 Check Flights/Flight Tests

Nationally regulated aircraft are still required to perform flight-testing in accordance with Airworthiness Notice 48. Schedules can be obtained via the Flight Testing webpage.

Please Note: CAA Aircraft Certification (Flight Test Section) must be consulted in advance regarding the eligibility of pilots intending to conduct such flights.

In accordance with CAP 562 Leaflet 1-17 nationally regulated aircraft are still eligible to fly under A conditions. With the removal of the AD200 application form, applicants cannot comply with paragraph 1.1A of the above reference CAP. To resolve this issue please notify Applications and Approvals through email of your intent to fly the aircraft on A conditions and your subsequent intention to apply for CofA renewal.

RVSM Declaration Form AD1011If you have not previously declared your aircraft as RVSM compliant, or it is now no longer applicable, please declare this on form AD1011 within your recommendation pack

Step 5Once your Recommendation pack is complete, please forward all required paperwork together with payment to Applications and Approvals either as scanned attachments in an email or as hard copies through the post. Please be advised CAA can only accept scanned documents in PDF format only.
Step 6All Certificates will be dispatched by Royal Mail First Class Post routinely unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in advance with Applications and Approvals.