Airspace Change Process

This page provides guidance on the Airspace Change Process

DAP is responsible for the Airspace Change Process as published in CAP 724 and CAP 725.  The Airspace Change Process describes the process and responsibilities established to ensure that proposed changes to the dimensions, classification or use of UK airspace are initiated, considered, refined, approved and implemented in a safe and controlled manner.  It applies to all proposals for changes to the status of UK airspace.  Significant changes to ATC procedures resulting in changed flight paths require an airspace change proposal.
Airspace change proposals must be handled according to the standard published process in order to convince the Director, Airspace Policy, of the need for, and merits of, the proposed change.
The Airspace Change Process is:
  • Framework Briefing
  • Proposal Development
  • Preparing for Consultation
  • Consultation and Formal Proposal Submission
  • Regulatory Decision  - View CAA Decision Letters
  • Implementation
  • Operational Review  - View Post Implementation Reviews
Toward the end of 2010 DAP commissioned a Review of the Airspace Change Process by PWC. The recommendations are currently being considered by the directorate.