Consultation - Revised Airspace Change Process

Whilst the present Airspace Change Process has served us well over the years, the desire of the public to fly, the continued growth in commercial aviation and the quite proper public interest in the subsequent environmental impact has put strains on this process.
This Consultation Exercise is designed to canvas your views and obtain input to enhance the revised process as laid out in CAP 725 Parts A and B


Final Published Document

The final version of CAP725 has now been published

Response to Consultees

The following documents have been sent to Consultees

DAPs Response to Consultees Covering Letter

DAPs Response to Consultees Part A

DAPs Response to Consultees Part B  

Consultation Findings

The consultation period of the revised process is now complete and the findings can now be viewed in the following report;

 ACP Consultation - Report on Findings 2006

Consultation Documents

Covering letter of the Consultation for the Revised Airspace Change Process - replacement for the CAP 725

Draft CAP 725 Part A

Draft CAP 725 Part B

Consultation Exercise Distribution List