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Past documentation for CAA price controls

NERL - Price Control Archive

Application to re-open the price control - 2002/3

NERL applied to the CAA to modify the cap on Eurocontrol charges in Condition 21 of its air traffic services licence.   The following documents relate to the application:

Advice to Government on initial Eurocontrol price control

In 1999 the Government asked the CAA's Economic Regulation Group (ERG) to provide advice on the initial price caps for NATS. The following documents set out ERG's view of the issues in setting the initial price cap for NATS Eurocontrol business.

The CAA also commissioned Proffesor D Sibley to undertake an 'Economic Analysis of the Civil Aviation Authority's Initial Incentive Regulation Proposal for the National Air Traffic Services', July 2000.

Advice to Government on initial Oceanic price control

The Government also asked ERG to advise it on the initial price cap for NATS' Oceanic business for the five years from 1 April 2001. The CAA published the following papers: