Aerodrome Flight Information Service (FIS)

A Flight Information Service (FIS) is the provision of information to pilots. This page provides information on the FIS function.

A Flight Information Service is provided by the holder of a Flight Information Service Officer’s Licence at a particular place. From the information given a pilot will decide whether or not their planned flight may continue in safety.

As for ATC, such services are subject to the Single European Sky Regulations, and EASA related Regulations which together include Certification, Designation and Interoperability.

Certification and Designation

In accordance with EU (EASA related) legislation, in particular 1035/2011, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are required to obtain a certificate and be designated in order to provide air navigation services.

SMS, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Requirements for SMS, hazard identification, risk assessment and mitigation arise from EU (EASA related) legislation 1035/2011.

Operational Procedures, Facilities and Arrangements

CAP 797 Flight Information Service Officer Manual and CAP 774 Flight Information Services specify FIS procedures. Operational procedures and arrangement may be subject to the Single European Sky Interoperability Requirements and Implementing Rules.

Personnel Licensing

FISO Licensing arrangements arise from the UK Air Navigation Order and are detailed along with further guidance in CAP 1032 Aerodrome Flight information Service Officer - Licensing.

Equipment and Interoperability

Equipment and Interoperability Requirements arise from the Single European Sky Interoperability Requirements and other sources such as ICAO SARPs. Equipment may also be subject to various International Standards and Directives.