Data Sources for NTK System

Input data sources for NTK system

The figure below shows the sources of data feeding into the NTK system:

  • the airports’ Flight Information Systems (FIS) provide details of the aircraft;
  • radar data (filtered and processed by NATS) give positional information; and
  • noise data come from arrays of fixed and portable monitors. 

ANOMS matches all the different data sources together into a single database, and enables users to query and output almost any required information, with the addition of Ordnance Survey maps.  The ERCD system accesses the same data as the Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airport systems.




ANOMSAircraft Noise and Operations Monitoring System (supplied by Brüel & Kjær)
BUCHAirProprietary database of aircraft details
CCDSCode to Callsign Data conversion System
CDAContinuous Descent Approach
FISFlight Information System
METARSource of comprehensive meteorological data for appropriate airfield
NNQNight Noise Quota
QNH adjustmentAdjustment from aircraft altitude above sea level to height above airport elevation
RDPFSRadar Data Processing and Filtering System
t, x, y, hTime (t), aircraft position (x,y) and height data (h)
WebTrakInternet-based view of NTK data at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted