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Boeing 747 flying over houses and noise monitor

The following departure noise events were recorded using a CEL593 Sound Level Meter and a Sony TCD D10 Pro II DAT recorder, at a site 4.88 kilometres from start of take-off roll to the east of London Heathrow Airport..

All the recordings provided here were taken at the same location on the same day. The DAT recordings have been converted to MP3 format files whilst retaining the relative sound level differences of the original recordings.

In order to prevent clipping of the sound files the maximum sound level was set by the loudest sound (Concorde). The smaller more modern aircraft sound very quiet. The sound files do, however, reflect the difference in sound levels between older Chapter 2 and more modern Chapter 3 aircraft.

Chapter 2 TypesChapter 3 TypesRoad Traffic

Boeing 737-200

Boeing 747-100

Fokker F28

Note: Under European legislation, since 1 April 2002 'Chapter 2' aircraft (of over 34 tonnes maximum take-off weight or with more than 19 seats) have no longer been allowed to operate at European airports.

Boeing 737-300

Boeing 747-400

Boeing 777

Fokker 100

For comparison, the following sound file contains road traffic noise recorded at the kerbside outside CAA House in London:

Road traffic noise