EASA - Airworthiness

EASA as it affects the regulation of Airworthiness

The links on this page give information on EASA as it affects the regulation of the airworthiness of UK-registered aircraft and the regulation of UK aerospace design and production organisations. In addition, to keep up to date with the latest developments our team in SRG produces an information bulletin on a quarterly basis. For other information on EASA visit the EASA website at www.easa.eu.int.

  1. How to apply for the approval of products, modifications, repairs, equipment, parts and appliances, and for the approval of organisations for design or production.

  2. With effect from 28th September 2004 a JAA Form One release, as an Authorised Release Certificate, may only be made against a valid BCAR A8-1 or BCAR A8-2 approval. The use of the JAA Form One, as an Authorised Release Certificate, will cease entirely on 28th September 2005. Appropriately approved maintenance organisations may continue to issue the JAA Form One, as a Certificate of Release to Service until 28th November 2004.

  3. Identification of “EASA Aircraft” and “Non-EASA Aircraft” -
    Listings of aircraft and other products, categorised by whether they are subject to regulation by EASA (EASA Aircraft) or remain under national legislation (Non-EASA Aircraft), are given in CAP 747, Section 1, Part 2

  4. Applicability of mandatory Airworthiness Notices as published in CAP 455 -
    The applicability of these Airworthiness Notices is given in CAP 747, Section 2 Part 1 for EASA aircraft, and in Section 3 Part 1 for non-EASA aircraft

  5. Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness -
    CAP 747 provides a single point of reference for all mandatory information for continuing airworthiness, including airworthiness directives, as applicable to civil aircraft registered in the UK. As a result CAPs 474 and 476 are no longer amended, (they remain valid at final issue), and CAPs 473 and 480 have been withdrawn.

  6. European Part Marking Requirements.

  7. Letter to Maintenance Organisations and Holders of Air Operators Certificates, (29 October 2003).

  8. The applicability of CAA Specifications.

  9. Letter concerning the new regulations for the approval of minor modifications and repairs as they affect organisations holding CAA BCAR Design Approvals.

  10. Commission Regulation (EC) No: 2042/2003 - Annex 1 (Part M)

  11. Decision No: 2003/19/RM which consists of the AMC and GM to Part M, Part-145, Part 66 and Part 147.

  12. Copies of Presentation from EASA Part-145 & Part-M Workshops, held on 10th and 11th October 2005: Part-145 & Part-M Workshop Presentation. Part-145 & Part-M Workshop Q & A. Part-145 & Part-M Workshop Standards.

  13. Transition of UK glider fleet to European regulations - joint CAA / Department for Transport notice

  14.  AMC M.A.302(e) Aircraft maintenance programme template