CAA agreed EASA Terminology

This page provides a list of standard terms used when describing the EASA Regulations

The following table sets out the CAA’s agreed terminology for referring to EASA Regulations in future documents to provide a consistent reference:

Legal instrument

Term to use

Regulation (EC) No.216/2008

The Basic EASA Regulation

A generic term to refer to the EASA Basic Regulation and all of the implementing rules made under it including the annexes. 

EASA Regulations

A generic term to refer to all or any of the implementing rules including the annexes. 

EASA Implementing Rules

The implementing rules for aircraft certification - Commission Regulation (EC) No.1702/2003
(to be repealed by Regulation (EC) No. 748/2012 on 10 September 2012)

The EASA Aircraft Certification Regulation*

The implementing rules for continuing airworthiness - Commission Regulation (EC) No.2042/2003

The EASA Continuing Airworthiness Regulation*

The implementing rules for flight crew - Commission Regulation (EC) No.1178/2011

The EASA Aircrew Regulation*

The implementing rules for air operations - Commission Regulation (EC) No.965/2012

The EASA Air Operations Regulation* or


A mandatory provision contained in an Annex (ie not AMC or guidance)

A requirement


*   Depending on the context this may or may not include its Annexes.  Normally it will do, unless reference is made to a particular Annex, e.g. Annex III of the EASA Air Operations Regulation. 



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