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FAQ Answer

Why would a CCA be suspended or revoked and who does this?

Suspension or revocation of the CCA can only be applied by the competent authority of the Member State that issued the CCA and not by any other organisation:

Possible reasons for limitation, suspension, or revocation of a CCA are as follows:

• When a safety issue has been identified,
• Due to obtaining or maintaining validity of the CCA due to falsification of submitted documentary evidence,
• Due to exercising the privileges of the CCA when adversely affected by alcohol or drugs -Where there is evidence of malpractice or fraudulent use of the CCA.
• Where for a legitimate reason it is identified that an existing CCA must be revoked before another one can be issued. (e.g. following liaison between the competent Authorities of two Member States)
(last updated March 2014)

Cabin Crew

  1. What is a Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA)?
  2. When I have my CCA am I qualified to operate as a Cabin Crew Member?
  3. Does the CAA issue attestations?
  4. If I already hold a CCA, issued by another Member State, do I have to repeat the initial training course and examination in order to work as a Cabin Crew in the UK?
  5. If I change jobs and need to present my CCA to my new employer, how will my prospective employer know whether my CCA is still valid?
  6. I have an EU-OPS format CCA, is this valid and how will I change it to the new EASA format?
  7. How long is a CCA valid for?
  8. What happens if I take a career break and don’t operate as Cabin Crew for more than 60 months?
  9. Can I hold more than one CCA?
  10. Can I choose the name put on my CCA? What is meant by Full Name (Surname and First name…)?
  11. Will a crew member’s attestation have to be reissued as a result of a name change; for example, marriage?
  12. Who is responsible for the reissue of a CCA as a result of a name change?
  13. Do I have to carry my CCA with me when I am on flying duties?
  14. If I lose my CCA down route can I continue to operate without it until I return to base?
  15. What happens if I lose my CCA or it is stolen?
  16. What happens if my CCA is damaged?
  17. Why would a CCA be suspended or revoked and who does this?
  18. What type of media should be used for the attestation document?
  19. What is defined as “independence” when referring to examiners?
  20. Will independence of examiners only be applicable to Initial training or all cabin crew training?
  21. Will the list of aircraft types on which a cabin crew member is qualified be required to be documented on the attestation?
  22. Does the list of aircraft types on which a cabin crew member is qualified have to be provided to the individual or can it be held as part of a centralised record management system?
  23. As an operator am I able to accept an attestation issued in a non-EASA State?
  24. How will I know if an applicant already holds, or previously held, an attestation?
  25. If I employ a crew member who holds an attestation can we issue our company’s attestation on completion of initial training?
  26. Is it possible to transfer/accept evidence of previous training completed in order to omit elements of initial training?
  27. Will Aircraft Type training be required to be completed before undertaking Operation Conversion training?
  28. What changes will be required to the format of the Operations Manual?
  29. When will Operations Manuals have to comply with the requirements of the Implementing Rules (IRs)?
  30. How can compliance be achieved for practical operation of the flight deck door for different aircraft types? For example, if the door is of a generic type, but the keypad differs between types, how should this be trained?
  31. Is there a defined duration for Initial security training in order to meet Department for Transport requirements?