G-INFO UK Register Database

G-INFO is a database extract taken directly from the United Kingdom Register of Civil Aircraft and other data sources maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority

The information held on G-INFO is updated nightly from the UK Register of Civil Aircraft, however should your require real time information please call (020) 7453 6666.

The UK Register of Civil Aircraft currently holds details of around 20,000 currently registered aircraft (over 50,000 aircraft in total). On an annual basis there are changes of registered information to approximately 30% of the currently registered aircraft.

Whilst reasonable care is taken compiling the database, the CAA does not warrant the data is free of error or omission and the CAA excludes all liability for any loss or damage including direct, indirect and consequential damage, whether in tort or contract, arising from any error or omission in the data apart from where it was negligent and owed a duty of care. In particular users of the database should note that the database is not a conclusive document or evidence of title to any particular aircraft.

Please note that the format in which the data is supplied may be subject to change in the future.

All copyright and database rights in data (and the format of the data) from the G-INFO database is vested in the Civil Aviation Authority and must not be copied or distributed, sold or hired out or otherwise dealt with, without the written consent of the CAA. All rights reserved.