Aviation Policy: Contributing to the work of the Airports Commission

Informing the debate on runway capacity

The CAA provides independent advice to the Airports Commission in their work considering the need for additional runway capacity in the south east of England.

This supports our strategic objectives of delivering choice and value to UK aviation consumers while ensuring that aviation’s local and global environmental challenges are met. As the UK’s independent aviation regulator, the CAA also draws on its technical expertise to inform the wider policy debate on airport capacity and support our position that additional capacity in the south east is necessary to prevent consumers suffering in future from higher process, less choice, worse punctuality and weaker resilience.  Any new capacity has to be delivered in a sustainable and safe fashion.

The CAA collects a broad range of statistics and survey data, and has drawn on these resources to provide analysis to the Airports Commission in order to inform some elements of its work.

The Airports Commission

The Airports Commission is an independent commission set up by the Government in 2012, chaired by Sir Howard Davies and including 5 other members.  It has been asked to examine the need for additional UK airport capacity and how this can be met in the short, medium and long term.

The Commission released a final report in Summer 2015 which sets out its recommendations to government.

More details are available from the Airports Commission website.

CAA submissions to Airports Commission consultations

The CAA has submitted responses to a number of the Airports Commissions’ consultations:

Other engagement relating to the runway capacity in the UK and the work of the Airports Commission

Sustainable aviation policy framework

The CAA's work to inform the Government's aviation policy framework can be found here. Aviation Policy: Contributing to a Sustainable Aviation Framework for the UK

Approach to Economic Regulation of New Capacity

The CAA is currently looking to provide clarity on its expected approach to the economic regulation of any new airport capacity expansion of London airports and any associated costs that may be incurred during the Q6 (the current economic regulation period) and subsequently.  Details of this workstream can be found on the Approach to Economic Regulation of New Capacity webpage.

Speeches and other public statements