Airport Performance Facilitation Group: More Details

The work of the Airport Performance Facilitation Group is now complete. The Group was formed to oversee the implementation by industry of the main recommendations of the South-East Airports Taskforce

Progress report to the Minister of State

On 21 November 2012 Iain Osborne, Chair of APFG, wrote to the Minister of State enclosing a progress report on the work of the group and how the initiatives would be taken forward.  The report was subsequently discussed at a reconvened meeting fo the South-East Airports Taskforce on 6 December 2012.

Membership and Terms of Reference

The South-East Airports Taskforce recommended a package of initiatives to address punctuality, delay and resilience issues at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. These initiatives are being taken forward at an airport level in conjunction with other stakeholders and the Airport Performance Facilitation Group was set up to oversee progress.

Membership of the Group can be found in the Group’s Terms of Reference. The Group was chaired by Iain Osborne, Group Director, Regulatory Policy of the CAA.  The CAA acted as facilitator, and the Group included representatives from Government, airports, airlines, NATS, Airport Coordination Ltd, London First and Aviation Environment Federation.

Managing inter-relationships

The Group was also responsible for monitoring how the SEAT initiatives fitted together with other schemes aimed at enhancing performance, notably:

  • Airport economic regulation;
  • CAA resilience work on improving performance in periods of major disruption, in particular in maintaining airport operations, avoiding stranding passengers and caring for passengers; and
  • Implementation of the Future Airspace Strategy and the National Performance Plan for air traffic management.
  • In December 2011, at the request of British Airways, BAA and NATS, an ad hoc meeting of the Group was convened to discuss the impact of the 2012 Olympic Games on airport resilience.

Meeting agenda and minutes

The Group met five times between September 2011 and November 2012.  Please click here to see the agenda and minutes of each meeting.  

  • First meeting 19 September 2011.
  • Second (ad hoc) meeting 12 December 2011. 
  • Third meeting 22 March 2012.
  • Fourth meeting 17 July 2012.
  • Fifth meeting 6 November 2012 (rescheduled from 3 December 2012).

Contacts for more information

Dan Edwards, (020 7453 6228)
Trevor Metson, (020 7453 6230)

Regulatory Policy Group, CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6TE

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