Airport Performance Facilitation Group

The work of the Airport Performance Facilitation Group is now complete. The Group was formed to oversee the implementation by industry of the main recommendations of the South-East Airports Taskforce


On 14 July 2011 the Government published the report of the South-East Airports Taskforce including the report of the Taskforce sub-group on Punctuality, Delay and Resilience.

One of the main recommendations of the Taskforce was a package of proposed initiatives at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted to improve punctuality, increase resilience and reduce delay. These initiatives are being taken forward at an airport level in conjunction with other stakeholders, and the Airport Performance Facilitation Group was set up to oversee progress. The Group was chaired by the CAA as facilitator with representatives from Government, airports, airlines, NATS, Airport Coordination Ltd, London First and Aviation Environment Federation.

The aim of the Group was to gather and share information on the progress made, in particular emerging best practice, and for this reason the CAA extended membership more widely to cover other UK airports, although there was no expectation of a one-size-fits-all solution.

In December 2012, the Group's work was complete.  The CAA reported back to Government on the progress made and how the initiatives would be taken forward.

For more information please follow the links:

CAA Progress Report to the Minister of State (December 2012)

APFG Meetings (including Terms of Reference and meeting papers)  The Group met five times between September 2011 and November 2012

Initiatives for improving punctuality, resilience and delay recommended by the South-East Airports Taskforce 

Separate from the APFG is the CAA’s work on snow disruption and the passenger experience, which led to an industry group being set up to identify and share best practice for dealing with major disruption. More information is available here.


Operational Freedoms was one of the initiatives recommended by the South-East Airports Taskforce for improving punctuality, resilience and delay.

On 18 October 2013, Heathrow Airport Ltd published its final report on the trial and the CAA published its supplementary views on that report.  Heathrow Airport Ltd also published an additional report on future application of operational freedoms.

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