Franchise ATOL

By joining a franchise scheme businesses can apply for an ATOL without having to obtain a bond

What do Franchise Schemes do?

The Franchisee enters into agreement with the Air Travel Trust and, as part of this agreement, the CAA can grant ATOLs for franchise members on the basis of its franchise membership, subject to some other tests (below).  Bonds would not be required from franchise ATOL holders as the Franchisee provides guarantees to the CAA.  The Franchisee would insist that their members operate a trust account to protect client monies.

How do I become a member and how much does it cost?

You would have to apply directly to the Franchisee and if accepted, a further application would be made for an ATOL. 

CAA Scheme of Charges

How long does it take to process the ATOL application?

We aim to ensure that the waiting time between the submission of the required information to the CAA and our decision is not more than eight weeks on average. Please bear in mind that you should send your application to the Franchisee first.

What tests do I have to meet?

All licence holders are required to meet our fitness and competence criteria.  Depending on the size of your licence, you may be required to meet our financial criteria.

Who offers Franchise ATOLs?
Travel Trust Association (TTA)
Albion House
3rd floor
High Street
Surrey GU21 6BD.
Telephone: 0870 8890577
How do I apply to become a Franchisee?

Please click here for further information on how to become a Franchisee.