Apply to be an Accredited Body

Members of an Accredited Body can make licensable sales without an ATOL

How do I become an Accredited Body?
For further information on how to apply including the audit process please contact us at

The application fee for Accredited Body status is £20,000.  A £5,000 renewal fee applies each year. 

If you would like to become a member of an Accredited Body then please click here.
What work does the CAA do?
The CAA tests the following areas: Control of clients monies; Accreditation of a member; risk management and business operations among others.  The CAA will appoint a third party audit firm to assess these areas, amongst others.  Accredited Bodies are  ATOL Holders and are subject to the same fitness and financial requirements.
Will I need a trust accounts?How often will I be audited?
Yes, all Accredited Bodies must have a CAA-approved trust account.  The CAA will become party to the trust account and ensure that the trustees have sufficient independence and are able to administer the account appropriately.An Accredited Body can expect to be audited every three years.