ABTA ATOL Joint Administration Scheme

Making an Application
ATOLs are available to current ABTA members under the Joint Administration Scheme. Applications must be made to ABTA.
General Requirements
Estimated yearly licensable turnover (the amount of turnover to be generated by sales made under the ATOL) must be £1.5million or less. The CAA will grant and issue the licence. No financial criteria will be set, but personal fitness and competence criteria set by the CAA must be met.
Fitness Requirements

The CAA will not undertake a financial test. However, because the CAA must be satisfied that the persons who own/control the business are fit and competent to hold an ATOL, the ABTA member ATOL applicant will be required to provide details of all persons in a position of influence within the applicant to enable the CAA to consider if they are likely to operate in a proper manner if granted an ATOL. If the CAA’s preliminary view is that any of the persons are unfit or not competentto hold an ATOL, it will issue a proposal to refuse the application setting out the reasons for reaching the view and giving the applicant an opportunity to put its case at a formal meeting.

The CAA has issued a policy note which sets out the personal fitness and competence criteria.

Apply for an ABTA member ATOL

Application forms are available from the Member's Area at abta.com 

Please send your completed form to:

Financial Protection
30 Park Street
London SE1 9EQ