Choosing the right ATOL

Information and documentation to apply for a new ATOL

There are different types of ATOL licence depending on the type of business you operate.

A summary of each ATOL licence can be found below, each has a link to further detail about the licence type and information on how to apply. The application process may be different dependent upon which ATOL your require.

Standard ATOL

  • No trading restrictions.
  • Minimum £40K bond required on grant.
  • Personal fitness and competence test.
  • Need to meet financial criteria test.
  • £1,890 application costs plus grant charges.
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Small Business ATOL (SBA)

  • Restricted to 500 passengers per annum for minimum three years.
  • £40K bond required for grant.
  • People in control of business not involved in a failed licence holder.
  • Personal fitness and competence test.
  • No financial criteria test.
  • £1,115 application costs.
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ABTA Joint Administration Scheme

  • Restricted to ABTA members with estimated licensable turnover of £1.5million or less.
  • Personal fitness and competence test.
  • No additional financial criteria test.  
  • Apply through ABTA.
  • £710 application costs. 
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Franchise ATOL

  • Limited to 1,000 passengers per annum.
  • Licence granted on the basis of membership of approved franchise customer protection scheme.
  • Personal fitness and competence test.
  • No ATOL bond.
  • No financial criteria test.
  • £710 application costs.
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Trade ATOL

  • Sales restricted to other ATOL holders only.
  • Personal fitness and competence test.
  • Financial criteria test.
  • £40K bond required on grant. 
  • £1,890 application cost. 
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Accredited Bodies

  • Become a member of an Accredited Body.
  • Trade under their licence.
  • You will be required to meet the Accredited Body's conditions of membership.
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