Aviation Legislation

This page summarises the principal legislation governing civil aviation in the United Kingdom and the European Community.

The CAA uses a mix of international, European and domestic legislation to protect consumers. This ranges from the minimum safety standards laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), to EC legislation protecting passengers rights, European legislation on safety issues such as pilot licensing and domestic regulation on the use of airspace.

The prime UK legislation is detailed in the Civil Aviation Act and the Air Navigation Order. These provide the key domestic legislation that the CAA uses in its day-to-day business.

CAP 393 - Air Navigation - The Order and the Regulations

CAP 393 contains the provisions of the Air Navigation Order, Regulations made under the Order and the Civil Aviation Authority Regulations in their currently amended form

UK Statutory Instrument (SI) 3015/2009 is the UK Air Navigation Order in its original form as a UK statutory instrument.


Anyone may register on the CAA website to obtain e-mail notification of any amendments made to CAP 393.

Subscription Registration.

Each amendment is incorporated in CAP 393.  A Letter to Subscribers summarises the changes being made by the latest amendment.

Amendments to the text

Where only part of the text has been amended, footnotes will give references to the provision by which the amendments were made.


Any suggestion or other communication about the contents of CAP393 should be addressed to:The Editor CAP 393, CAA House, 45-59 Kingsway, London WC2B 6TE or by e-mail to legal@caa.co.uk
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Links to other Aviation Legislation which is not included in CAP 393



Air Accident Investigation

Consumer Protection

The CAA is responsible for enforcing the following aviation related consumer protection and health and safety legislation. 

Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing

Aviation Insurance

Persons of Reduced Mobility

Denied Boarding and Compensation

Common Rules for Air Services

(including Operating Licences, Ownership Leasing and Pricing)

Health and Safety

Foreign Aircraft and Operators

Ground Handling

Single European Sky

Information on Single European Sky legislation

EASA Legislation

European Aviation Safety Agency regulations

The EU publishes consolidated versions of the EU Regulations pertaining to EASA ('EASA Regulations'), which incorporate the various amendments which have been made to the principal regulations. 

Information on European Aviation Safety Agency consolidated regulations.