KPMG disclaimer December 06

Disclaimer to KPMG supporting paper to CAA initial proposals BAA price control review


Our report has been prepared for the Civil Aviation Authority ("CAA") and has been designed to meet the agreed requirements of CAA and particular features of our engagement determined by CAA's needs at the time. It is released to CAA subject to these terms and conditions on the basis that it is not to be copied, referred to, disclosed in whole or in part, or modified, without KPMG LLP's prior written consent. Our report should not be regarded as suitable to be used or relied on by any party other than CAA. Any party other than CAA who obtains access to this report or a copy, and chooses to rely on this report (or any part of it) will do so at its own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, KPMG LLP will accept no responsibility or liability in respect of our report to any other person or organisation.

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