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CAP 623 - Airline Competition in the Single European Market
published November 1993. Price £15 plus p.& p.

The European Community’s Third Package of measures designed to complete the single market in the field of civil aviation came into effect on 1 January 1993. The new regulations did not, in themselves, create a more competitive airline industry in Europe, but set the conditions whereby a more open, competitive market could be brought about. This publication is the result of interviews with many airlines across the Community. It also contains a series of comparative studies carried out by the Authority on aspects of competition in Europe, the United States and elsewhere in order to provide factual evidence on which to develop its own thinking.

CAP 639 - Airline Competition on European Long Haul Routes
published November 1994. Price £15 plus p.& p.

This report examines the state of competition between airlines on Europe’s long haul routes. It suggests ways to promote greater competition between the major European and non-European airlines and to encourage competition from smaller carriers.

CAP 644 - Slot Allocation: A Proposal for Europe’s Airports
published February 1995. Price £8.50 plus p.& p.

This report examines the effects of the 1993 EC slot allocation Regulation at London’s main airports. It considers also the number and disposition of slots needed at Heathrow, the Community’s busiest and most congested airport, to support effective new competitors on routes within Europe. It recommends a number of changes to the 1993 Regulation designed to improve the likelihood of competition on dense intra-Community routes from Europe’s capacity-constrained airports, developing and refining the Authority’s initial proposals in CAP623.  

CAP 654 - The Single European Aviation Market: Progress So Far
published September 1995. Price £15 plus p.& p.

A review of progress in intra-EU civil aviation since the Third Package came into being on 1 January 1993. It is an exhaustive review of the early developments in the transition of the EU’s aviation industry to full liberalisation.

CAP 685 - The Single European Aviation Market: The First Five Years
published June 1998. Price £25 plus p. & p.

This report updates the analysis in the two earlier documents CAP 623 and CAP 654, reviewing developments over the first five years of the single market. It examines changes at the industry and the route level in international and domestic markets within the EU, and seeks to identify remaining barriers to effective competition between airlines and to draw out lessons for the future.